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Here is a compiled list of all of the cetacean-related books that I own/know of. If there’s any missing from this list, feel free to add on!

Orca Books

  1. Orca: The Whale Called Killer 
  2. Into Great Silence: A Memoir of Discovery and Loss Among Vanishing Orcas
  3. Death at SeaWorld
  4. The Lost Whale: The True Story of an Orca Named Luna
  5. Listening to Whales: What the Orcas Have Taught Us
  6. Puget Sound Whales For Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting
  7. Freeing Keiko: The Journey of a Killer Whale from Free Willy to the Wild
  8. Operation Orca: Springer, Luna, and the Struggle to Save West Coast Killer Whales
  9. Swimming with Orca: My Life With New Zealand’s Killer Whales
  10. Killer Whales of Southern Alaska
  11. Gone Whaling: A Search for Orcas in Northwestern Waters
  12. The Killer Whales of Prince William Sound
  13. Transients: Mammal-Hunting Killer Whales of British Columbia, Washington, and Southeastern Alaska
  14. Orca: Visions of the Killer Whale
  15. Killer Whales: The Natural History and Genealogy of Orcinus Orca in British Columbia and Washington State 

Dolphin Books

  1. Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest
  2. Behind the Dolphin Smile
  3. Dolphin Diaries: My 25 Years with Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas
  4. To Touch a Wild Dolphin: A Journey of Discovery with the Sea’s Most Intelligent Creatures
  5. The Dolphin in the Mirror: Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives
  6. In Defense of Dolphins: The New Moral Frontier
  7. Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication 
  8. Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist
  9. The Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation 
  10. The Chronicles of the Savannah River Dolphins

Beluga Books

  1. Beluga Days: Tracking the Endangered White Whale
  2. Beluga: A Farewell to Whales

Gray Whale Books

  1. Big Miracle
  2. Lagoon Time: Our Life and Times Among the Gray Whales of Laguna San Ignacio 
  3. Whales: Touching the Mystery
  4. Freeing the Whales
  5. Sightings: The Gray Whales’ Mysterious Journey

Humpback Whale Books

  1. Winged Leviathan: The Story of the Humpback Whale
  2. Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries
  3. Field Guide to the Humpback Whale
  4. Whale Odyssey: A Humpback Whale’s First Perilous Year

Human + Cetacean Interaction Books

  1. Whale Tales: Human Interactions With Whales
  2. The Charged Border: Where Humans and Whales Meet
  3. The Presence of Whales
  4. Whales and Dolphins: Cognition, Culture, Conservation, and Human Awareness

General Cetacean Books

  1. Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (Nature Company Guides)
  2. The Grandest of Lives: Eye to Eye with Whales
  3. Among Whales
  4. Alaska’s Watchable Whales: Humpback and Killer Whales
  5. Whales and Dolphins In Question
  6. Whales of the West Coast

Cetacean and other Marine Mammal Field Guides

  1. National Audubon Society: Guide to Marine Mammals of the World
  2. Whales, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals of the World (Princeton Field Guides)
  3. Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the Pacific Coast
  4. Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (DK)
  5. Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (Eyewitness Handbooks)
  6. Whales and Dolphins (Collins Wild Guide)
  7. Whales, Dolphins, and Seals: A Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the World


Dive With Mom (by robblansdowne)


Innocence by Jim Ward


Up Close and Personal (by sailingsue)

they're one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.


Two albino orcas were sighted today near the southern Kuril Islands!

Albino on 1st photo is believed to be an adult female or sub-adult male. 
Photographer - Brad Siviour
Source: (x)


King Penguins by Cedric Favero on Flickr.


Lobtailing (by Jerry Curtis)


Flying fish! by weirdworldfacts on Flickr.