Orca, Antarctica (by bfryxell)


Big Male Orca by kp0711 on Flickr.

would you just look at how awesome this mailbox is


Just the tail | 


Antarctic Orca preys on a Gentoo Penguin.


We were at the beach a while ago, and I was just sorta floating out on the water with my mother. We were talking about the dolphins that show up there sometimes, and that lead to us talking about other whales and then orcas etc, and she was like “This is a connection to them, ya know. *nods down at the sea around me*”

And outwardly I was like “wow mom that is literally the lamest thing ever *laughs and makes whale poop joke*” but on the inside I wAS CRYInG and thinking about like a humpback or something swimming around somewhere in the same ocean as me.


994436_411986132272707_1576727393522648027_n (by giuseppealfano770)


Retrato de un delfín comun saltando - common dolphin portrait by Writing White Photography on Flickr.


wild dolphins algarve (by rolfman)