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Mom and Baby Orca, Antarctica on We Heart It.


Orca and Calf, Antarctica (by bfryxell)

tumblr user lovingorcas is always so composed so when she gets excited about something I get excited too omg hOW COULD YUO NOT IT’S SO ADORABLE


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IMG_7140 (2) (by Kristen Kanes)


Spyhop (by toryjk)


I recently had the opportunity to observe a harbor porpoise necropsy. 

This little guy was only a few days old when he was found stranded and separated from his mother, with his umbilical cord still attached. He wasn’t breathing properly and was euthanized. 

Despite looking perfect, he was a mess on the inside. His lungs and bladder had filled with blood from severe repeated blows. Porpicide claims another victim. 

Hair is trait common to all mammals. While I’ve always read that newborn cetaceans have hair, this was my first time seeing them. One either side of the snout (or rostrum) there is small, curly, whisker-like hair (called Rostral hair), that the babies lose after a few days. 

A great debt of gratitude is owed to the marine mammal center for allowing me the opportunity to observe the necropsy on these animals.